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Fish Meal & Fish Oil

PT. Sumber Yalasamudra have been the main producer of fish meal and fish oil within the domestic and international market. With 50 years of production experiences, PT. Sumber Yalasamudra understood the importance of producing the highest quality and purity in Fish Meal and Fish Oil. Using the best raw material coupled with the best processing line and top of the line laboratory team in production, PT. Sumber Yalasamudra guarantees you with Fish Meal and Fish Oil that you could not find anywhere else.

Fish Meal

100% Steam Dried Fish Meal
Key Fish Ingredients: Sardinella Longiceps
Free of Salmonella, Melamine, and Antibiotic Additives
Added with minimum 75 ppm of San toquin

  • Options for BHT/ BHA antioxidant is available

Packaging Form

  • 50 kg White Woven Polypropylene without inner.
  • 1 Metric Ton Jumbo Bag

*For clients that requires customization in specific needs in fish meal nutrient parameters, PT. Sumber Yalasamudra is open to discussion on how we can help you in producing according to your specification.

Fish Oil

  • Premium Semi-Refined Fish Oil
  • Key Material Ingredients: Sardinella Longiceps
  • Made out of 100% Fish Oil with no value-added materials
  • Added with minimum 75 ppm of Santoquin
    • Options for BHT/ BHA antioxidant is available
  • Organoleptic defined as
    • Clear Brown
    • Translucent and has a fishy scent
  • Packing Options:
    • Flexi bag per 20 feet container. Have the option to be equipped with thermostat and temperature controlled environment. (22 metric ton)
    • ISO Tank. (22 metric ton)