Canned Sardine Cooking Competition 2022

24 December 2022

At Sumber Yalasamudra, Christmas and New Year celebrations have become a tradition where communities from various cultures and backgrounds meet together and celebrate together to share with others and motivate each individual to finish the year and open a new year with a positive spirit. .

This will of course always boost productivity and improve the work ethic of workers at Sumber Yalasamudra in the new year.

At the end of 2022, quite a lot of people in Indonesia are still traumatized, feeling afraid and anxious about the future starting in 2023. This is because the danger of COVID-19 is still not completely resolved and there is news about the threat of a recession in Indonesia . This has directly influenced all aspects of human activities where they are located. With the aim of strengthening relationships and restoring new enthusiasm in entering 2023, a collaborative Christmas and New Year Celebration Event was held between Aquase and Yamato 2022.

This event has an agenda for visits to the Kasih Agape Orphanage, the Pondok Hayat Foundation and a cooking competition between employees.

The cooking competition event consists of 3 teams and each team has 3 individuals. The requirement for this cooking competition is that it must use canned Bantan / Yamato sardine products as the main raw material.

The participants showed their creations with enthusiasm and creativity. The majority of participants in the cooking competition were housewives, who seemed fluent in their cooking skills during the competition.

For the visit to the orphanage, a donation of 5 million rupiah was given to the Agape Orphanage and the Pondok Hayat Foundation. It is hoped that this donation can provide encouragement and assistance to children and orphanage personnel entering 2023.

Comments from the event committee concluded that the competition event for the creation of various Indonesian dishes and the social event of visits to orphanages had a positive impact on Sumber Yalasamudra employees.

Management hopes that all staff can enter 2023 with new enthusiasm and optimism.