About Us

Our Story

We work side by side with generations of Indonesian fishermen and families to produce the best innovative processed seafood products

In 1969, PT Sumber Yalasamudra was founded by two brothers, Tjipta Sudjarwo TJoek and Teddy Hartono. The company has expanded and diversified under the management of the two founding families. PT. Sumber Yalasamudra is driven to be the modern benchmark of Indonesia seafood processing companies that showcases world-class seafood product.

Using our 50-year of experience and technicalities, the company has continuously strive to meet the constantly changing customer needs and to match standards of the modern market. As we continue to improve our competitive edge, PT. Sumber Yalasamudra are also proud to be a company that is community driven. As we grow as a company, our community also grows with us.

We tell our story from our brand and our quality products. It reflects who we are, rooted in the diverse fishery industry of Indonesia, fused vibrant energy and passion from the world around us. Our desire to develop ground breaking innovation for better quality product, while pushing our limits in service to our valued customers.

Our Vision

To become the main seafood processing company that excels in community building that is reliable, trustworthy, and is the benchmark in the industry.

  • A company that keeps growing by innovating.
  • Growing together with the community is part of our culture.
  • Ensuring the product we produce are safe, trustworthy and dependable.

Our Mission

Improving society's awareness on the importance of healthy natural seafood and developing PT. Sumber Yalasamudra by understanding various market needs, forecasting food trends and came up with the best products for customers around the globe.

  • To produce Indonesia processed seafood product that is high quality and well loved by our customers.
  • To be the benchmark in the seafood processing industry. We are professionals, acting with integrity, and are leaders in sustainable practices.
  • To be a community leaders. Giving back and building strong communities.

Who We Are

Future focused
Customer Oriented
Community Integration